Tax Refunds in the Credit Crunch

People are often sceptical about their tax return during a credit crunch. For most, they believe none of their expenses will be allowed and that they will see a hefty decline in their refund amounts too. However, even in times of a credit crunch, taxes generally don’t change. Well, in fact they can increase, but usually refunds are given where due. The amount itself doesn’t necessary lower either.

Will You Still Receive A High Tax Refund?

Credit crunch means people have to dig deep and make money go far but it doesn’t mean a tax refund won’t still be heading their way. There may be an exception over how much money you receive if you (owed back taxes to the Australian government, for example). Also, if you haven’t paid enough money in during the year (down to working part-time, casually or not working half the year) then you may not be entitled to a refund. People think they should automatically get a tax refund but that isn’t always the case.

How Will You Receive The Refund?

Electronic banking is the way forward and using this method to receive your refund will be much easier. Yes, there is a credit crunch on, but you still should receive your tax refund without too much trouble. However, be warned, if you owe money then the government may seize the funds in order to cover them. This may not sound like a good idea but it could be if you wanted to clear your debts off.

Should You Borrow Money Against Refunds

In the time of a credit crunch, most need money and often rely on their tax return refunds. Unfortunately, refunds can take a lot time to process, especially if someone is in dire need and, as such, they look at taking out a loan. Refund loans are very popular and the way they work is simple; borrowers can take out a loan amount that should be covered with the actual refund. Most believe this is quick money and do it and in a credit crunch, millions will do so. However, this isn’t always advisable as it poses a risk. You are liable for the loan even if your refund was seized. Taking out a loan at any time is not always good, even though it’s sometimes necessary, but taking a loan in a credit crunch and with your return, is a worse idea.

If You’re Entitled to a Refund, You Will Receive it

There have been very few cases in which legitimate refunds have been stopped because of a credit crunch! If you want honesty then having a refund delayed or seized may be down to the fact there are issues with the return and not the amount owed to you. In most cases, if you are entitled to a refund, it will arrive in your bank sooner or later. There does seem to be a misconception that credit crunches mean the end of refunds and that isn’t entirely true; belts are tighter but a tax refund is still given.

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